Mano a Mano

She did everything one would do after moving into a haunted Victorian house. Elizabeth Dress smudged all the rooms, sprinkled the window sills and door frames with holy water, and had the local priest bless the home. About a month later, a light knocking came on the front door in the afternoon. When Elizabeth answered … Continue reading Mano a Mano


My Cousin Elmo says, "It's the day after the election and we're left with the feeling that we're sitting in divorce court waiting to find out who gets custody of us."

Dark Money Nevada

Here is the complete list of Nevada political candidates and incumbents on the ballot this election who are receiving money from George Soros' Open Democracy Pac ( Aaron Ford, Attorney General Cisco Aguilar, Secretary of State Darryl James Lackey, County Clerk, Nye County Edwin Willard Lyngar, Commissioner, Washoe County, District 5 James B. Gibson, Commissioner, … Continue reading Dark Money Nevada

My Cousin Elmo says, "It would be fun if Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, changed the bird logo from blue to red, jus' so we could see a few heads explode."

The Cockroach and Caldron Review

The witches sat in their sewing circle, stitching together skins of whatever flesh they had gathered since the Wednesday midnight meeting of the week before. The oldest of the coven asked, "Have any of you eaten at that new spoonery, 'The Cockroach and Cauldron?'" Several of the knarled grotesques answered 'yes.' "How was it?" she … Continue reading The Cockroach and Caldron Review

E Clampus Vitus: Preserving the Smaller Histories

Inside the Virginia City Silver Terrace Cemetery, a historical plaque commemorates Mary Jane Simpson. Like others of her kind, she spent hours in darkness, working the tunnels beneath the town. Mary Jane was a mule. So when she died in the Great Fire of 1875, the miners placed an inscription on her grave: “The within … Continue reading E Clampus Vitus: Preserving the Smaller Histories

New York Playwrite Brings Her Work Home

The off-broadway play, An Awkward Inheritance, is coming to Piper’s Opera House this July. Written and directed by Elise Maurine Milner, a New York City-based playwright, producer, and director, she grew up in Virginia City before founding her own theatrical production company in 1999. It will be the first time she has brought her talent … Continue reading New York Playwrite Brings Her Work Home

The Time a Godmonster came to the Comstock

Godmonster of Indian Flats is a 1973 movie written and directed by Fredric Hobbs and stars Christopher Brooks, Stuart Lancaster, and E. Kerrigan Prescott. Hobbs, who died in 2018 at the age of 86, made only four films in his cinematic career but going by the evidence of "Godmonster," he crammed in more outré ephemera … Continue reading The Time a Godmonster came to the Comstock

Hale & Norcross: Where the Present and Past Come Together

Since March, after being forced to take up printing of the Comstock Chronicle and sister publication, Dayton Valley Dispatch, we have enjoyed the use of a building whose foundation was poured in the late 1940s. Our paper's tiny shop is part of a two-room structure on F Street that fronts now a caved-in and secured … Continue reading Hale & Norcross: Where the Present and Past Come Together

A Quick History of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

For hundreds of years, the Lahontan cutthroat trout swam in the alpine rivers and streams of the Sierra Nevada. By 1938, the fish was believed extinct. The 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode in Virginia City resulted in the clear-cutting of forests in the Tahoe Basin and beyond, coating the rocky river beds with sawdust … Continue reading A Quick History of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

New Wood Carving Goes in Place of Diseased Tree

Virginia City unveiled a statue honoring a woman with a unique place in Comstock history. "True, she was a woman of easy virtue. Yet hundreds in this city have had cause to bless her name for her many acts of kindness and charity. That woman probably had more real, warm friends in this community than … Continue reading New Wood Carving Goes in Place of Diseased Tree

A Discovery Worth its Weight in Silver

Markleeville, Calif., resident Susan Korngold recently learned from a cousin doing their family tree that she was related to James Fennimore, half-brother to her great-great-grandfather. In 1900, William Hickman Dolman described James as a "frontier hunter, and miner, a man of more than ordinary ability in his class, a buffoon and a practical joker: a … Continue reading A Discovery Worth its Weight in Silver

A Heritage Restored

All along the Comstock, Adolph Sutro is synonymous with mining and engineering, having designed and built the tunnel that bears his name. In early 2021, Friends of the Sutro Tunnel approached the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation (JASHP) if they would donate historical interpretive markers and three National Park Service-style inclined laybys. The JASHP … Continue reading A Heritage Restored

The 1873 Flume Box of Mt. Davidson

Water was brought to the Comstock from natural springs and nearby wells by horse and mule, and by the early 1870s, Virginia City outstripped the local water supply. An elaborate project to bring in water from Hobart Creek, involving flumes, reservoirs, tunnels, and an “inverted siphon,” a length of pipe that dropped down to cross … Continue reading The 1873 Flume Box of Mt. Davidson

The Boxers, A Lawmen, and a Bunch of Gymnasts and One-Legged Acrobats

"Ernie, the one-legged acrobat who is now performing in Virginia City, lost his leg at the age of four years," writes the Nevada Appeal. "At the age of sixteen, he decided to be an athlete and acrobat." "He can lie on his back and lift 425 pounds. He does wonderful work on the horizontal bar … Continue reading The Boxers, A Lawmen, and a Bunch of Gymnasts and One-Legged Acrobats

Spirits of the Old Washoe Club

The Old Washoe Club is a favorite hangout for residents and visitors, but because of its antiquated history, it also has a reputation for being haunted. Ghost Adventures decided to do an all-night lockdown there, hoping to capture evidence of ghosts. The episode yielded one of our favorite moments. Leaving a recording device on the bar counter, … Continue reading Spirits of the Old Washoe Club

Sam Clemens’ Campfire Story

In August 1861, Sam Clemens followed his older brother west into the Nevada Territory, determined to find his fortune and purpose. Several weeks after he arrived, he met another traveler with similar aspirations named John Kinney. Clemens and Kinney decided to become partners and head to Lake Tahoe in hopes of staking their timber claim, … Continue reading Sam Clemens’ Campfire Story

De Quille’s ‘Traveling Stones,” Then and Now

One of the most famous stories ever crafted by Territorial Enterprise reporter Dan De Quille involves the Pahranagat Valley in eastern Nevada, about 75 miles northeast of Las Vegas on U.S. 93. In the 1867 story, De Quille writes about having met a man from the Pahranagat Valley who showed him "a half dozen pebbles … Continue reading De Quille’s ‘Traveling Stones,” Then and Now

Arizona Playwright Recalls an Event at Piper’s 

Jeanmarie Simpson is artistic director of Arizona Theatre Matters, where she is working on her latest production, "When Churchyards Yawn," billed as a spoof on "Hamlet," by William Shakespeare. "This is a pandemic-inspired piece," Simpson said. "We were stuck, for a time, not knowing when it would end or where we would be when it … Continue reading Arizona Playwright Recalls an Event at Piper’s 

Smoke Day

it is not a smoke day for schools pity the little school children sitting in class and dreaming staring out the smokefrosted panes thoughts of making smokemen creating winged smoke angels tasting newly fallen smokeflakes eyelashes catching smokeflakes building not-so-secret smoke forts having many smokeball-fights and sledding down smokehill on last years steel smoke-runner gloves … Continue reading Smoke Day