Frame Seven

Alison Hardenburgh (c)

It was around 11 p.m., and I was out at the refuge doing a few chores that I hadn’t been able to get done earlier before darkness fell. I also hadn’t the time to set up my latest gadget, a trail camera.

After completing my chores, I took a couple of minutes to hang the cam on a small nail I had pounded into one of the fence posts facing downhill. I had jus’ dropped the rock I’d used to drive the nail home, as I had forgotten a hammer when I felt a heavy breeze blow by me.

It was such a vicious wind that it knocked me off my feet and left me sprawled in the dirt. A straight-line wind, I thought, though I’d never experienced one as violent as this one.

Dusting myself off, I climbed back in my truck and headed home. All night, the wind blew, making it hard to sleep.

That morning, I returned to the refuge, fed and watered the horses and Burros before retrieving the camera. It wasn’t till later that night that I sat down at my computer and uploaded the images from the camera.

I never heard the horse as it galloped by me.


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