As a rule, I usually don’t write more than a title, medium used, and size of the artwork I’m posting. But this is an unusual situation…

The morning following Halloween, I saw a notification on social media that a family had lost their dog when opening the door for trick-or-treaters. The female Cane Corso wore a costume of a male lion.

“Her name is Dolly, and though she’s large, she’s very friendly,” the posting stated.

Restless, I decided to go for a short walk near the hills to the west of our home. It was perhaps a half hour before the sunlight would fully set, and I’d be in complete darkness.

With that in mind, I was on my way home when I saw what I believed was a dog ahead and to the left of me on the trail. Big enough to be a Cane Corso, I called “Dolly” to it, but it refused to come to me as I kept walking.

As I came up alongside where the dog had left the trail, I slowed and called out “Dolly” once more. This time it looked up at me with glowing red eyes and a mane surrounding its large head and flat face.

Then it growled, unlike any dog I have ever heard. Not wishing to meet my Maker, I quietly but quickly vamoosed down the trail and home.

The encounter prompted me to go online and reach out to the family that had lost the dog to tell them I may have located it. They returned a message, letting me know they had already found Dolly and she was safe.

I have no idea what in the hell I was calling to, and now I’m glad it didn’t respond other than to warn me off with that hideously strange growl.


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