Marcy Dennison, 1962-2022

Marcella Marie Dennison, 60, of Wakeman, Ohio, passed away on October 22, 2022. Marcy, as she was better known, was born on June 25, 1962, to Ted and Madge Dennison (nee Greyeyes) in Reno, Nevada, joining her sister, Cheryl Renee.

In 1965 the family relocated to Crescent City, California, where Ted and Madge divorced. Later, Ted married Joyce Beal, who had three children from a previous marriage; Rick, Margo, and Paula.

Marcy’s athletic talent became clear during junior high and high school, and she excelled at competitive swimming and running. Running became her catharsis, and she was a champion in the Humboldt-Del Norte high school league, qualifying for State in cross country and track.

She set many long-standing records and was inducted into the Del Norte High School Athletes’ Hall of Fame last year. After Marcy graduated from Del Norte High School in 1980, she studied at Long Beach State University.

After college, Marcy moved to Washington state and married Frank Daniel Gopher on February 25, 1989. She and Frank were soon blessed with a daughter, Raevyn Marie Gopher, and then a son, Joseph Daniel Greyeyes Gopher.

Marcy immersed herself in Frank’s (Yakima) and her (Cree) native heritage, embarking on her own business creating “Traditional American Indian Sewing & Crafts,” including Cradleboards, jewelry, moccasins, and buckskin dresses. As her children grew, she became involved with, then worked for, the Toppenish School District. After she and Frank parted ways, Marcella began her successful career in accounting with Battelle Corporation as an auditor.

In 2019, Marcy moved to Wakeman, Ohio, to care for her father. Her heart longed for the place she always considered her home, though. The ocean, the beach, and the Redwoods are where she felt most at peace.

Her daughter, Raevyn Marie Gopher, and her son, Joseph Daniel Greyeyes Gopher, survive her, as does her father, half-sister Carol Greyeyes, stepsisters Paula Beal and Margo (Beal) Flora, and stepbrother Rick. Marcella was preceded in death by her sister, Cheryl Renee Chapman, and her mother.

A future memorial service in Del Norte County, California, is planned, where her ashes shall return.


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