Virginia City Survives Boil Water Order and Power Outage

Storey County issued a boil water notice on Tue., Aug. 16, in the afternoon for many Virginia City residents.

The county said through Twitter that the notice was for the areas between Sutton and Summit, Sutton and C Street, and C Street to the Virginia City Gas Station. The order was to be in place until Thursday afternoon.

No further details were forthcoming.

Then on Fri., Aug. 19, Virginia City residents were subjected to a power outage between Sutton and Carson Streets around 8:30 a.m. Though not directly communicated by the county, we learned the outage came in response to a pigeon contacting a high-power tension wire, causing the wire to fall.

“This actually happened to me once,” reports Aengus RJ Luker. “I lived in Pahrump, and we had Peacocks. Peacocks are seriously stupid. They can’t fly much, but they fly up and land on stuff to roost.”

“A cat walked under one of the roosting trees and spooked the peacocks,” Luker said. “One jumped straight up, hit a branch, and broke its bloody neck, while the other flew up and landed on the transformer.”

“All we heard was a big huge ‘ZaPoooof,’ and the power went out for the whole damn block,” he adds. “Every house, out of power for a long while, until the electric company got out there.”

“All we found was an exploded cooked peacock carcass and a buttload of burnt feathers scattered around,” Luker finished. “As I said, peacocks are stupid.”

Six Mile Canyon was closed at C Street for the duration with detours advised. The power was restored by 1:30 p.m.