Kachina Terror

Karen was excited to get her new purchase home. The Kachina doll was unlike any in her collection.

Proudly she set the figure on the middle shelf next to the colorful feathered dancers. She knew he would fit right in among the others.

With dinner over, she was busy cleaning the kitchen when she heard the dog growl, followed by barking, then by a pained yelp.

Karen walked into the living room only to find herself darted by a small arrow in her left breast, just above the nipple. She reacted to the pain to be met by two more arrows, one in her hand, another in her right cheek.

Then she saw her recent purchase jump from the shelf, screaming and racing towards her. The Kachina shot three more arrows, each striking her in her right thigh.

“Oh no you don’t,” Karen cried as she grabbed the doll at the waist and rushed back to her kitchen.

She flicked on the garbage disposal and shoved the figurine into the hole, “I saw ‘Trilogy of Terror’ as a kid, you little bastard.”

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