While I try never to take anything for granted, gospel truth (other than the Gospels) or random gossip, I did find myself intrigued by what others have to say about someone else in this small community called Virginia City.

For instance, no less than two people told me that Alexia Sober was playing host to a “Red meeting,” complete with vodka. Knowing Alexia as I do, it did not make sense as I know she would not dabble in Communism willingly or without purpose.

So I decided to find out by having breakfast at the Canvas Cafe and asking a few non-invasive questions. And after what I learned, I shall return in a couple of months or however long it might take to sample the homemade vodka that her boyfriend, Kyle Blanchard, is fermenting out of red potato peels.

Senator Joe McCarthy shouts, “Have you now or have you ever been…intoxicated?!”

“Yes, sir,” I yell back. “In fact, I still am!”


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