Dog Faced

Sitting in the back of Virginia City’s Union Brewery Saloon by myself, I watched a man and woman enter with their dog and take a seat at the bar. Carol Sisco took their order as their pit bull sat down facing me.

Every once in a while, the dog would prance his front paws and thump his tail as if he wanted me to pet him. I remained seated, watching and grinning at the young and excitable pupperz.

At one point, the man got up and walked toward me. I thought nothing of it, as the bathrooms are along the wall to the right, from where I was sipping my beer.

He stopped and demanded, “Stop smiling at my wife!”

“Sir, I was smiling at your dog,” I responded with a deadpan face., “I never smile at humans.”

Without saying anything else, he returned to his spot at the bar and let the dog off its lead so it could come down and visit with me. The pitty and I had a wonderful conversation without speaking a single word.

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