The Barbecue Feast

From a church sermon that I heard as a child many moons ago.

A son slaughtered a cow, fired up the barbecue pit, then said to his father, “Call our loved ones and neighbors to eat with us. Let us feast!”

The father took to the street and started shouting, “Please help us put out a fire at my son’s home!”

After a minute or two, a small group of people came out; the rest acted like they did not hear the older man’s cries for help. Those who did respond ate and drank until they were satisfied.

“I don’t know any of the people,” the son said. “I’ve never seen some of these people before. Where are our family and our friends?”

“These people came to help us put out a fire in your house, not for the party,” the father answered. “These are the ones who deserve your hospitality.”

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