To say that I overate today would be the most honest statement I've made all this week. The worst thing I did was polishing off an entire bag of potato chips and a whole container of onion dip. Burp Because of this, and knowing the wrath I would incur once my wife found out, I … Continue reading Gaslit


A Couple of Points on the Coming Elections

With Biden's poor approval ratings, and high inflation a top concern for voters, Republicans will take control of the Senate. The GOP also has the advantage because the midterm elections are lower-turnout events and the GOP base is more fired up after the 2020 elections. While the Senate is subject to less dramatic shifts, the … Continue reading A Couple of Points on the Coming Elections


It may only be an urban legend that a US servicemember working with a powerful military antenna array in Alaska turned to dust after walking in front of an active radar dish and his Zippo lighter was all that survived the ordeal. Real or not, thank goodness, the lesson I learned yesterday, that the wand … Continue reading Dust