Twice Shushed

So ill was I that I thought I was going to die, but it did not prevent me from dreaming or, at the very least, hallucinating. The two I recall most emphatically involved God or a being I believe is God.

I have flown in my dreams for years, sometimes high, sometimes low to the ground. I then read someplace that flying dreams are associated with God-like desires.

Try as I might, I tried to fly from the sidewalk in front of our home. The best I could do was jump a foot off the ground and maybe a foot or two forward.

Disappointed and confused, I sat on the bench on our porch next to a man. I hadn’t seen him there before I took a seat.

“What am I doing wrong?” I asked.

He looked at me, lifted his right pointed finger to his lips, and shushed me. I have not had a flying dream since.

The next is even odder.

The same being from the bench danced and twirled across my backyard, so I opened the door and shouted, “Hey, God, I command you you heal me!”

He appeared to ignore me, continuing across my yard. He then bid me be quiet, his pointer finger of his right hand to his lips, before touching the tip of a tree branch with the same finger, causing the entire tree to blossom tiny green leaves.

God shushed me — twice.

3 thoughts on “Twice Shushed

  1. John

    Amazing dreams, Tom! I had a flying dream just once many years ago. I dreamed that I was in the driveway of the home we lived in in the early 70s. I flew high enough to miss the powerlines, then was flying around and between the power cables of those huge, very tall hydro wires that run for hundreds of miles. Never got shocked.

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      1. John

        They are pretty awesome! I guess getting older takes them away, never happened since but I do have a very active dream life in REM. It’s like having two different lives…

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