Grand Marshal, Almost

It is not every day that the swing-shift announcer gets asked to be the Grand Marshal for Independence Day. So I jumped at the offer.

It was early Friday evening, and I went to find my contact. That person turned out to be a rather wonderful-looking and wonderfully built rancher woman.

She showed me where I would be bunking for the night. It was a ranch house with several empty bedrooms and a large spread of food laid out on the table.

Up the street from the ranch house were the rodeo grounds where cowboys and women were in the finishing stages of a rodeo. I sat on the fence and watched, hoping someone would offer me a bronc to brace, but alas…no.

As night slipped over us, out came that weekend’s main attraction, the Ragin’ Cajun Doug Kershaw. We spent the night dancing around the hardpan arena and drinking beer.

My contact hardly let me out of her sight as we heel-toed to every tune that Louisiana fiddler knew and then some.

After midnight, I headed back to the ranch house. The food was gone, and so was the beer, so I retired to my room and climbed into bed.

Laying there, listening to the music, I heard a noise from the kitchen. I pulled on my jeans and tee-shirt and stepped out to see my hostess doing the dishes.

I helped her.

Once done, I left her to put away the dishes and returned to bed. Soon I heard her knock at my door, which she opened and poked her head inside.

“May I come in?”


She didn’t turn on the light, which I thought was strange until I realized she was removing her clothes. We took our time making a mess of the bed linens.

Nearly dawn, she rolled from the bed and got dressed. Slipping into her boots, she leaned over me and kissed me deeply.

“Gotta go, my husband’s probably wondering where I am.”

After about two-and-a-half hours of sleep for me, I got up, cleaned my face in the bathroom down the hall, and finished dressing.

Coffee was already on, and I had a cup. As I stood on the porch hoping to see my hostess and learn where I was to be for the start of the day’s parade.

Then a guy came up on the porch, “There’s a change in plans. Doug Kershaw going to be our Grand Marshal. So we don’t need you now.”

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