Regardless of Politics, Bullies Need Their Asses Whipped

Not what I wanted to write about today, but not unlike the 800-pound gorilla in the middle of the room, address it I must.

True, I did once tell him to “shut up, the woman is offering up a prayer,” at a Hungry Valley Reservation Numaga Pow Pow, before Steve Sisolak became Governor, but I’d never verbally assault the man or his wife like the two men at the restaurant did. And after watching the now-national video of the verbal assault, including a threat of lynching, I’m reminded of when my wife and I dined next to Nevada’s then-Democratic Governor Bob Miller and his family.

It was at Olive Garden, and while I admit that I did not care for Messr. Miller’s policies or politics, I did not present myself as a nuisance or threat. We even made polite talk about anything and everything, save politics. It was a pleasant outing for all.

While not a fan of Messr. Sisolak, his politics or policies, I am a fan of decorum. Those men’s mistreatment of the current first family of Nevada leaves me appalled, and had I been there, I would have stepped in the loud mouth’s way as I detest bullies of all stripes.

Yes, they would have stomped me into the ground, but not before I hurt one or both of them. I’m an old man, not a boxer.

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