I’ll See

Indeed, I prefer to window shop as opposed to shopping for real. Unfortunately, window shopping does not work when buying groceries.

Today, I went to the market for a can of condensed milk but couldn’t find it. I finally asked a person stocking the shelves where I could locate it.

“I’ll see,” he said, disappearing around the corner.

He never came back, so I called on another employee.

She said, “I’ll see,” before walking away.

So, I decided to search a little more, sure that I had missed it the first time around. I had — it was on Aisle C.

2 thoughts on “I’ll See

  1. John

    That’s very rude of them to vanish, good customer service is hard to find these days. But, my local Albertson’s has a great staff, I’ve told the store managers that at least twice.

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