Tommyknockers to the Rescue

Recovering from a skull fracture, I was asked again by the Trooper to explain how I wrecked my truck. I consented, though I knew no one believed me.

“My truck slid off the road because of the icy conditions and rolled down the hillside near the old Orphir mine,” I said. “I hit my head but never lost consciousness and crawled out my busted windshield.”

The uniformed woman jotted down some notes and asked me to continue.

“I tried to get back the hill but couldn’t,” I continued. “That’s when I smelled smoke from a fire, and so I went to find it to get some help.”

“It didn’t take me very long to find it, but it was unattended, so I sat down to warm myself,” I told her. “I was sleepy but knew I might have a concussion and had to fight off the sleep.”

A few minutes after sitting down, soon I was accompanied by a group of men,” I added. “They weren’t your regular sort of men, the tallest being about a foot or so in height.”

“One of them began dressing my head wound and another to feed me and give me something warm to drink,” I stated. “I could not understand anything they were saying and figured it was because of my head injury.”

“Can you repeat what you heard?” she wanted to know.

“Something like, ‘go seek pens brew,'” I offered phonetically.

“Any idea how you got back to your truck?” she queried.

“No idea,” I said. “I must have lost consciousness and was carried back, cuz that’s where I woke up.”

“How do you explain your truck being on the side of the road and no longer in the ditch, then?” the Trooper asked.

“Not a clue,” I answered.

“Are you sure that your truck went down the embankment?” she asked.

“Certain,” I returned.

“Well, we didn’t find a scrap of evidence that your truck went off the road,” she frowned. “You must have been hallucinating or something.”

“And?” I asked certain there was something she was not saying.

“We can’t explain the tiny muddy footprints and the small handprints in your blood located in the cab of your truck,” she finally said.

I relaxed and smiled.

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