About that Mistletoe

It has been difficult for me to do any personal writing for the last few days. That is how busy I have been, writing for the two newspapers and attending holiday events.

And no, I am not complaining. It has been ages since I’ve been invited to a dinner party or to attend a festive gathering and not expected to write about it.

I will complain about a lack of mistletoe, though.

Along with these things, I also have my usual chores to complete. Since my wife works outside the house and I work from home, for the most part, I do much of the laundry, including making beds.

Of course, I also get the occasional ‘honey-do’ list, which isn’t so bad. Oddly, holiday events have become the difficult thing.

Why? I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut and only listen.

So, what am I saying as I spin this post into something more extended than it need be? If I’d be quiet and listen, I’d probably have something decent to write and worth reading.

Now, to deal with the limited time I have each day because two hours of sleep every night is far too much to maintain such a crazy schedule.

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