In Vested

In yet what I can only describe as another oddity, today I received a package from Amazon that I did not order. Now, to be exact, my wife has been expecting an Amazon order, so I didn’t look at the label when I pulled it from the mailbox.

My wife opened the package and was surprised to find a man’s vest, yellow with blue elephants, and not the table runner she had ordered two days ago. She checked the address, worried that she had opened a package meant for one of our neighbors.

But, no, my name was on it.

So I sat at the computer and typed in the address from where the vest came was sent. It would turn out to be the second half of this crazy story; it came from an Amazon fulfillment center in Coppell, Texas, that is listed as permanently closed.

Talk about going from spooky and into the unbelievably weird.

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