A Case of Dead Cats

She contacted me via email, saying she had information about any gruesome crime story I was investigating, and it sounded promising. Cats were disappearing from all over town, only to later be found torn to pieces and partially devoured.

I wanted to know if this was the work of a cult.

We agreed to meet in a park east of the train depot at four that afternoon when it would be the least busy. I found it puzzling that she didn’t want to talk to me over the phone, citing the risk of being spied on even though she’d used the Internet.

Since we’d never seen one another before, she described what she’d be wearing for our meet-up. Red hair, green jacket

Cautious, I wondered about the fringes of the park, keeping an eye for any out-of-place activity. Finally, I saw a woman who fit the description.

Wanting to remain careful, I didn’t approach her right away. I waited another five minutes before walking down the path to where she was kneeling.

Once within a few feet of her, I knew something was wrong, and I was in danger. Her growl was low and long as she turned and charged.

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