The Black Hole

“What if a black hole is just the pupil of a giant eye sucking all the light and information into it as it observes an unimaginably larger world ?”  Alexia Sober

God sat on the edge of humankind’s known Universe, observing what he had created with his Big Bang mind. For the most part, He believed that it had all gone well.

But then, the Humans, the ones he had created in His likeness, began to think of themselves as gods, equal to Him. It was not what He wanted from them.

“Look,” said a scientist from JPL, “It appears that a new black hole jus’ blinked into existence.”

After several days of calculating and recalculating, they announced to the world that all was safe, that the earth was in no danger. Meanwhile, God sat quietly, taking in all the light and information the Universe had to offer.

“All I wanted was a relationship with my creations,” He sighed. “Now I’m going to have to show them exactly how big the expanse beyond is and prove to them they are not the gods they think they are.”

He turned and called out, “Hey, Son, can you come here for a minute?”

“Sure, Dad, be right there,” Jesus answered.

The Humans had hoped it would be aliens.


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