In Vested

In yet what I can only describe as another oddity, today I received a package from Amazon that I did not order. Now, to be exact, my wife has been expecting an Amazon order, so I didn't look at the label when I pulled it from the mailbox. My wife opened the package and was … Continue reading In Vested


A Word to the Wise

Hindsight is 20/20. Kyle Rittenhouse should have remained with his 'team' instead of splitting off from the others. They should have been working in tandem. I know. Though a former police youth cadet and part-time YMCA lifeguard, Rittenhouse should have never claimed to be an EMT (emergency medical technician.) Negative perceptions are hard to overcome. … Continue reading A Word to the Wise

“My God, I know him.”

UPDATE: Brooks posted a quote in 2016 on a now-deactivated Facebook account: "Run them over. Keep traffic flowing & don't slow down for any of these idiots..." UPDATE: Brooks was convicted of statutory sexual seduction on November 1, 2006, for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old. Sentenced to probation, Sparks Police arrested him for failure … Continue reading “My God, I know him.”

Social Media Memes, the Media and Chrystul Kizer

Oh, geez! People, do some research and don't believe everything you see on social media. The name Chrystul Kiser keeps coming up in connection with Kyle Rittenhouse. She allegedly murdered her pimp in 2018. She has yet to be tried in connection with this crime and has been out of jail since June 2020. Finally, … Continue reading Social Media Memes, the Media and Chrystul Kizer

A Few Notes on the Rittenhouse Case

If you only watched or learned about the Rittenhouse trial via ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or NBC, you will not know: The gas station, where they initially attacked Rittenhouse, is owned by his grandparents. They came on to his family's property to attack him. Rittenhouse put out a dumpster fire being rolled towards that same … Continue reading A Few Notes on the Rittenhouse Case


It was as dark as Hades as he approached the underpass. The shaft was even darker. He could see illumination at the far end, and that gave him hope. It meant people, and where there were people, there was safety, food, and fire. Slowly he walked down the passageway, hugging the wall. He couldn't see … Continue reading Shining

Vibrate, a Sunday Morning Haibun

Jus' a Sunday morning thought... when you talk to God then He hears from the Heavens but nay-sayers laugh Scientists working in the field of Quantum Physics discovered the vibration of your voice affects molecules in stars on the edge of our Universe. This phenomenon is known as Quantum Entanglement. Still, others call this prayer.

Teen Dies in Crash with School Bus

UPDATE: Ricardo Gomez, 17, of Sun Valley, has been identified as the motorcyclist, who died. A 17-year-old boy operating a motorcycle died on Eagle Canyon Drive at Richard Springs Blvd., in Spanish Springs this morning, Thu., Nov. 4, at around 7:30 a.m. The Washoe County Sheriff's Office hasn't released his name. The crash also involved … Continue reading Teen Dies in Crash with School Bus