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From my email this late afternoon: “Why do you announce to the world that you have mental health issues? Don’t you know that can come back and bite you in the ass? Aren’t you afraid?”

Here are my answers: It is the right thing for me to do, yes, and no. 

Now to expound on that, because none suffice.

Firstly, I am a military veteran, and I have mental health issues that developed either during or shortly after my service. Secondly, there are veterans all across the U.S. who battle these same issues.

Finally, they are either ashamed to admit, like I was, that they have problems or fear getting turned out by friends, family, and acquaintances and have no idea that what they are living with and through is common and natural. By expressing myself and being forthcoming, I might help some other person, veteran or not, find a way to deal with their mental health issues and get the necessary assistance to move forward in this ‘dis-ease.’

Thank you for asking and worrying about me, but remember, what other people think of me is none of my business.

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