Native Nevada and Political Correctness

The Marketing and Communications Department at UNR has introduced a diversity, equity, and inclusion guide, requiring staff to avoid saying “Native Nevadan,” as it may be offensive to the indigenous population, meaning Indians.

It says: “Refrain from using the term native Nevadan as a general term for people born and raised in Nevada as it is not respectful to Indigenous people who truly are native to the land here in Nevada. Instead, use phrases like born and raised or lived in Nevada their whole life.”

According to the guide, its purpose is to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment dedicated to “raising up every member” of the community and “helping one another.

My son is a Native Nevadan, born in Reno, but there is no inclusivity for him. 


2 thoughts on “Native Nevada and Political Correctness

  1. That’s so ridiculous and disgusting. The hard-left libtards must be jumping for joy over their newest creation that worships communist ideals.

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