Richard Patrick ‘Doc’ Durden, 1946-2021

I waited till late this evening and after finishing my work for the day to write this…

It is important to tell you that I lost a friend today to death. Doc Durden was a giant of a man both in physique and in the eternal sense.

Pressed to get a COVID vaccine last week, he did. So did his wife, who felt a “little under the weather” the following couple of days, but for Doc, his health took an exceedingly dreadful turn for the worse.

Two days after getting the Pfizer dose, he slipped into a coma, and then his organs began to fail. The hospital sent him home on hospice care, and he passed quietly last night, Sunday, October 10.

My opinion — and I stress that it is only an opinion, is that there are usually underlying health conditions that the vaccine affects, causing death. As for now, I haven’t a clue what that condition, in any, could have been in Doc’s case.

Thanks for your patience and for allowing me to vent. I can do nothing else and therefore feel like I am rendered helpless in this situation.

Why these things happen is not for me to understand.

3 thoughts on “Richard Patrick ‘Doc’ Durden, 1946-2021”

  1. Oh Tom I’m so sorry. It’s not the first time I’ve heard about people who might have underlying conditions succumb to the vaccine. I don’t think they even know why people, with “certain” conditions, the vaccine will have a bad effect or …sigh.πŸ˜”

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