Nice Guy…Not

I thought of titling this “How to Take Me From Being Decent to Becoming a Would-be Murderer.”
I saw a scared gosling trying to cross a busy roadway.
I pulled over and made my way to where I could safely reach the bird.
I motioned for traffic to be aware, and drivers reacted by slowing down and moving over.
I stepped out to pick the bird up, and a truck ran over the gosling, killing it, nearly hitting me.
I went from being a kind and loving person to the wanna-be killer of that truck’s driver.

I fucking give up.

5 thoughts on “Nice Guy…Not”

  1. Truck drivers have been on my piss-off list since the 90s when a driver spat out a chunk of chew that hit my employer’s rig directly on the windscreen on the freeway. A disgusting mess that proves that truck drivers are (almost all) nasty SOBs.

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