When Love Doesn’t Die

She came to him after dark, and he took her under his many blankets. Alice Roman Nose was immensely cold, and he did his best to warm her, though she was more interested in his intimacy.

Finally, Garrett Johnstone gave in, and they spent the remainder of the small hour making love.

It was nearing sunrise when he got up and stoked the tent stove to reduce the chill. Then Johnstone returned to the pallet where the war chief’s daughter still slept.

He laid beside Alice and thanked his lucky star that she finally saw his love for her before drifting back to sleep.

Johnstone woke overheated from the noonday sun, so he opened the tent flaps to cool the interior. Next, he moved to the stove and found his coffee pot.

As he placed it on the stove, Johnstone saw Alice was no longer among the blankets. He raced to the doorway and looked out, finding not even a footprint in the freshly fallen snow.

Puzzled, he quickly dressed and stepped outside. It took Johnstone no time to find the odd-looking snowdrift a few feet to the left of the tent and Alice’s body frozen from the night before.


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