Land of the Vaccinated

Four thousand people or more gathered for events in Nevada must prove they have received their COVID-19 vaccinations, to avoid mask mandates.

“This is cutting edge,” Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak said. “There [are] no other venues in the country that are doing this. I think it is going to get people, more people, wanting to go to an event because they know that when they walk in that arena or that stadium, everybody is vaccinated.”

No, Mr. Governor, this is not cutting edge — it is still Communism as in, “Let me see your papers.” And it fails every time instituted.

12 thoughts on “Land of the Vaccinated”

  1. I am amazed, and deeply troubled, how in just my short lifetime, we went from freedom, people speaking their minds, and what we have today. If I hadn’t lived through the process, watching aspects of the change, I probably wouldn’t have understood how such a thing could happen, and in such a short time. But it has been a current lesson in history repeating. It’s still dumbfounding.
    For whatever reason, and I’ve mentioned this before, people do not think for themselves. Many who do think, thinking they’re thinking for themselves, don’t know how to follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding. And university students are included. I know of two former university grads, with high thinking majors, with high gpas, who actually think what they are seeing today is good. They like the mandates. They like the twenty-first century thinking. They believe in “hearing” all sides before making decisions. And they don’t dare stand apart.
    I know, if the founding fathers were alive, they would not recognize America. They would not understand how a freedom loving country, with the best Constitution ever written, with the early years to head us in the right direction, could have fallen apart so quickly. But it has.
    1) People have forgotten morality. Remember, the U.S. Constitution is based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Our founding fathers often prayed before making decisions, and this became something a part of government. Today? 2) People stopped monitoring the government, allowing it to grow enormously, then when problems happened, instead of being individuals, self-determining, they chose to give up their freedoms to allow the large entity to do it for them. In all of my life, whenever I’ve seen people giving over control, it’s always to something that is selfish, self-serving, and “nice” while caring more about themselves, not those they serve. It’s almost always that way. 3) Today, we have far too many who go along to get along. Since they don’t see others who will stand on principles, they decide it’s not worth it, so their children will suffer communism, the loss of freedoms, and be unable to speak honestly without being blacklisted or outed. 4) From that point forward, it’s a slide to country-wide slavery. Slavery to our faults, our selfishness, and our unwillingness to stand on principles. 5) It never had anything to do with the vaccine. Nothing to do with global anything. It’s always been about destroying America. When will people wake up?

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  2. I’ve given up. I do think its a matter of choice. But society as a group has it rules. I’ve never liked groups. I always avoid them. In this case its almost impossible. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we went to war with each other over a virus. But it seems we’re taking that route.
    There’s nothing to do but wait and watch on my part.
    I’ll be 70 next month. They’re saying the vaccine can’t help older people because their bodies can’t fight it even with it.
    I’ve had a wonderful life and stay away from people now in real life.
    Just stay safe my friend 🙂💜

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  3. That’s happening everywhere in the US, too. I live in a relatively small town and our hospital is “partnered” with a large corporate entity and they recently announced that full vaccination is a requirement for employment. 46% of the doctors, nurses, etc are refusing and will be fired by Nov 1. It’s going to be a disaster. The protests are getting extremely heated. People on both sides of the issue are beyond rational anger.

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  4. its so ridiculous… and I believe it will be shot nr. 3,4,5 aka endless. We can’t travel without that ‘vaccine pass’, so I guess that way they push ppl to get vaccines everywhere in EU as well, otherwise all we can do – sit at home… It seems, our Governments, 1%, Pharma r creating some kind of “A State of Fear and Obedience”

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  5. You’ll need proof you’ve been vaccinated, proof of a negative test to attend a concert, sporting events, restaurants and whatever else, fairly soon here in Ontario according to CBC News today.
    They also say people will lose their jobs especially in the medical profession, if they refuse.

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