Made Late

Been on a poetry jag the last few days. Jotted this down while aboard the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, going from Carson City to Virginia City. Was late, causing Engine No. 18 to miss its departure time. The train was leaving a bit late Not much, only minutes eight If you must blame it on … Continue reading Made Late



13 doorbells rang today thirteen flags to be folded 13 families altered At least 13 U.S. service members have been killed, including 11 Marines, a Navy Corpsman, and a soldier, in the two suicide bombing attacks outside Kabul airport Thursday, according to U.S. officials. Eighteen others were injured and have been evacuated for treatment.


"You should be more like Jesus." "I do the best I can." "No, you don't." "You mean drinking wine, calling people hypocrites, and upsetting the power-base isn't enough?" "I give up."


Instead of the "Mandela Effect," it should be called "'Pataphysics," a  "branch of philosophy or science that examines imaginary phenomena that exist in a world beyond metaphysics; it is the science of imaginary solutions." Thoughts?

My Cousin Elmo says, "Don't let anyone take your temperature by pointing that thing at your forehead. It erases your memory. I went to the grocery store for beer and came home with tampons."

Where’s a Cop When You Need One?

"You've heard the old joke, where can you find a cop at two-in-the-morning?" Nus asked. "Yeah," Dunoc groaned, "At the donut shop." Silence filled their unit instead of laughter. The pair sat back from the trajectory line, tucked in behind Star-932-Bravo, hidden from traffic. They were watching for speeding craft moving from one worm-hole to … Continue reading Where’s a Cop When You Need One?


We used to play in the front and backyards, yelling, screaming, laughing, and chasing each other around. Alice, Johnny, and their mother Blaylock lived in the large home across the street and down the block from my family's home. We spent most days this way. When it rained, we raced from room to room, running … Continue reading Ghostlight

My Cousin Elmo says, "My friend said he wouldn't eat the tongue my wife served for dinner because it came out of a cow's mouth, so she gave him some eggs instead."