Those Hot August Spirits

Without spilling names, I had two incidents involving the spirit world and one involving the Holy Spirit. I'll discuss them in order of occurrence. While seated in a Virginia City, Nev., bar, I saw a man in what I believed to be a black trench coat on the far side of the saloon. The next … Continue reading Those Hot August Spirits



Independence weekend began with a plume of smoke. A wildfire that the forest service called the Beckwourth Complex. Soon the Tamarack and the Dixie Fires followed. Each new blaze brought even more smoke into the valley. Eventually, the haze grew so thick that he could no longer see the homes across the street. Not even … Continue reading Smoke

Lyon County Rejects Affidavit Requesting 2020 Election Audit

Two notarized affidavits have been file again requesting an audit of the 2020 presidential election, including one in Lyon County. The filings follow an official notice of maladministration served on Monday, June 7, to the office of Gov. Steve Sisolak, demanding a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske's office, … Continue reading Lyon County Rejects Affidavit Requesting 2020 Election Audit

Welcome to iCOP

The U.S. Postal Service is running a covert operation called Internet Covert Operations Program (iCop,) which tracks and collects social media posts. Using Clearview AI's facial recognition database and Zignal Labs' real-time keyword search software, investigators look for what documents describe as “inflammatory” postings. Then that information is shared with other government agencies. “Analysts with … Continue reading Welcome to iCOP

The Newest Member of the Third-World

"NV Energy is urging its electric customers in both northern and southern Nevada to conserve electricity today and tomorrow between 6 and 9 p.m. in order to offset energy supply issues caused by record-breaking heat and wildfires affecting electric transmission lines throughout the western United States," reads the press release. It goes on to offer … Continue reading The Newest Member of the Third-World

The Story within the Story

A Washoe County, Nevada, School District counselor is in jail for possessing child pornography. Investigators found more than 250 suspected images and videos of child pornography in emails and electronic devices that Tyler Quinn Ball-Imdahl, 26, owned. If guilty, he deserves everything that the justice system throws at him. However, I cannot tell which is … Continue reading The Story within the Story