The So-civilized Monster

John is a photographer, who records a lot of southern Nevada and who posts some great pictures. When he’s not off on some photo adventure, he also does some great editing. This is the edit that inspired the following story…

It was the quaking of the ground beneath me as I tried to get some sleep. I had wandered off someplace I should not have gone, and I was now lost.

No longer were there the friendly narrow trails to lead me through this forest. Instead, I found myself racing headlong through a brush that the hand of man had never touched.

Still, I could feel that rumble underfoot, and still, I ran and ran until exhausted. Finally, I collapsed by a stream, ready to accept my fate, whatever it might be.

Then I saw him as he lumbered ever closer to me, a cyclops wearing glasses. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“What are you running from?” the giant one-eyed fellow asked.

“You,” I answered.

“Then why have you stopped?”

“I’m too tired to continue.”

“I see. Are you not araid now?”


“And why is that?”

“I have never met a so-civilized ‘monster’ in my life,” I stated, air-quoting the word.

“Really? And what makes you think I’m civilized?” he questioned.

“You’re wearing glasses,” I smiled.

Laughing, he picked me up and took me home, where he placed me in a stock-pen with the rest of his sheep.

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