Exposing a Pattern of Fauci’s Fraud

It was no surprise that my wife knew about the possibility of having to get a booster shot for COVID-19. It was also not surprising that she did not know about the Freedom Of Information Act that netted three thousand emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s government account.

While I do not want to go into the email’s contents, I will say that Fauci’s integrity is under fire. They are online and searchable if you are interested in learning more details.

That aside, I have not liked the man since the AIDS ‘epidemic.’ I like him even less since I recognized a pattern.

In many of his emails, he seems to agree COVID-19 may have been a viral bat-to-human transfer. We know that is not untrue.

It is the same direction he took with AIDS. In 1984, the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reported that HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) might be a monkey-to-human viral transfer.

Though no one knew it at the time, Fauci is the one who developed that theory. So when I heard of the bat-to-human viral transfer premise and that Fauci was involved, I knew it to be bull shit.


2 thoughts on “Exposing a Pattern of Fauci’s Fraud

  1. there is a crew that found that that covid virus existed 25,000 years ago. when i began my investigations i started threw the use of google earth first to hover over the top of every premise area in wuhan and actually visually seen wuhan university in december prior to the pandemic, there was news out on it at that time and before. hovering over the top of an area i could determine the enviroment and china did the same thing as every country done, the cut most of the trees and bushes down just to make room for roads and pavement and all kinda of things that are unnatural. when you cut a forrest down acidics come up threw the ground and actually in the southeast china area it brings in malaria types of insects and once a bateria introduces itself to an insect it begins biting other people and anaimals. there is the though that global claimate change melted snow and ice in china and a covid virus came about re-emerging 25,000 years later when it was frozen, that process does take place, there is the thought that the china government told the people not to fish in the yangzte river as its polluted yet the citizens had anyway of a river that has pollution and carcusses and germs and disease and when germs and disease are ina water way a river like that one that is enormous those germs become a part of the aquatic life in that river and slowly mutate in the fish or what ever kind of animals there are in that river. the forrests that got cut down the animals have to go to a small part of a forrest to get their vitamins and minerals to have a healthy immiunity and if they cant get their fruits berrys and nuts then they cant get their vitimains andminerals and they end up eating human waste and or disgarded festering carcusses in that river and the entire process of mutation takes place. too, there was one article i hadnt ever looked into or about 7 billion other people hadnt looked into at all eaither that bioengineering of a virus was found on hunter bidens laptop with a list of ectremely wealth people that had their hands in it due to fear if anyone finds out the stuff that they had be doing to the entire human population wherer they think of the human race as nothing as cvollateral damage i think bloomberg billionaires were all listed as a report from the federal bureau of investigation where they thought that the covid virus was manufactured by a bunch of wealthy people that created the virus due to the need to distract e veryone from the crimal harm they caused everyone. then there is the wuhan lab leak theory where a handfiul of doctors didnt get sick or die from the virus they only came up missing becasue they were going to alrert the entire earth of an area where it was reported it was made and or studied.

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