Dark Water of Harvest

“It is at night, especially when the moon is gibbous and waning, that I see the thing.” — ‘Dagon,’ H.P. Lovecraft

Panic overtook the citizens of the tiny village the day following the night that the 14th-century clock tower became exposed. The town was hidden from prying eyes since the villager’s subjection to Nazi experiments before World War II ended.

(Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner) — Lake Resia, named Reschensee in German, borders Austria and Switzerland. The land was annexed to the Italians following the First World War. German remains the first language for many in the region.

For years the village people had worked the region clearing blockages that came from time to time, keeping the hydroelectric plant operating. Soon their secret would be exposed, and the world would learn that the villagers were the living form of a Great Old One and the final failed super-weapon of the Third Reich.

After the village went underwater, the lake engulfed around 160 homes. The residents were displaced, many of whom are living in villages nearby. After leaks were found, the lake was temporarily drained for repair work on the reservoir, exposing what is left of the village in South Tyrol bordering Austria and Switzerland.

And now their home was receding. Could villagers still breathe without water, their leathery wings carry them, and what of that waning gibbous moon?

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