Thinking Too Much

I got to thinking about everything I miss in my life and the number of times I’ve reinvented my work self.

I miss being in the Air Force, the Marine Corps, a reserve sheriff deputy, a stuntman, stand-in, paramedic, firefighter, teacher, instructor, cowboy, security officer, radio announcer, disc jockey, presenter, host, and photo lab manager.

These are things I have enjoyed doing to earn a living.

I have been a road manager, auto detailer, nurse tech, gyppo-logger, fisherman, keno writer, house painter, window washer, car salesman, cashier, car wash jockey, and photo lab manager.

Not all jobs are fun, but they do get the bills paid.

All have provided me with experience and experiences.

They are in my past to make room for my future.

The adventure continues…

One thought on “Thinking Too Much”

  1. Like you, I too have had various careers in different industries. Not the best way to build a career, but it’s given me so much depth. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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