The Three-in-One, pt. 2

So, the guy might be crazy, and I even crazier for sitting and listen to him ramble on. And yes, I did think about what he said happened to Poe and a psychotic break, but what he first said had to be true for the second half to be authentic as well.

He said his name was John and that while there were hundreds of travelers, he was the last traveler. He claimed that the Clinton Administration had disbanded the program and that he was operating without authorization.

I asked, “How do you know me?”

“In another place in time, you are a big deal,” he said, “But you were never my first choice for this period of time. I don’t mean to sound insulting, but Stephen King nearly had me arrested.”

Next, he told me that in 1975, he had left a child he had kidnapped on the steps of an orphanage. That child, a girl, now grown, was living nearby after being raised by a family on the East Coast.

“This girl had a birth defect,” he said. “She was born with female and male reproductive organs. I was sent to steal her back so she could have corrective surgery. But I was too late. She was already pregnant.”

Upon his return to the agency, which he called ‘The Plumbers,” he said he was assigned a new case.


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