Texting Out of Tune

April 21

“Hey Tom. Are you there?”


“There are a bunch of free pianos on FB. Do you still have your truck and the offer to help me get one?”


“I will inquire and get back to you! You are a lifesaver…for real.”


“I’m curious about how far you’re willing to drive? Like South Lake Tahoe? I’ll pay for the gas. Just think about it. Please!”

“I can do that.”

“There’s one in Fallon also. You’re saving my life, Tom. Thank you. As soon as I hear something I will let ya know. Is there a good time or a bad time to text you?”

“Text me anytime. I might not answer right away, but go ahead anyway.”

“Okay. Thank you so much. I just got a reply from the one in Tahoe. It’s still available. There is one is in Sparks, too.”

“Make the arrangements. Good night.”

“Tom, are you there? Well…let me know if you still want to help. Did you desert me?”

April 22

“I went to bed.”

“She said the weekend would be good for her. We need strong young backs to help. I don’t know anyone that can help.”

“I can do it on Sunday. I’ll see if my son is available to help me.”

“I know your back is messed up. I love you, my friend! Again, you’re saving my life. She’s trying to make sure everyone is safe. She will hold the piano no matter what.”

“Jus’ need a time and address.”

“Will Sunday work at around 10 am?”


April 23

“She wants you to give her a call.”

“Will do.”

“Thank you so so so so much, Tom. Were you able to call her? She just said you haven’t called her. Do you not want to do this or not? Tom, are you there? WTF! Tom, please answer me. OMG! Are you flaking on me?”

April 24

“OMG! Okay, you haven’t said a word.”

“I’m still waiting for an address.”

“She’s waiting for you to call her.”

“I already did. She said she’d give you the address.”

“I just got home from getting a new cell phone so I had no idea what had gone down! Sorry if I’m a bitch. Hang on. Here’s the address…”

“It’s okay. Jus’ chill a little it is working out. My son and I will get it tomorrow. Get some rest. It’s all good.”

April 25

“One thing, I want you to please use your best judgment on the condition of it. If you think it’s going to be too costly for me to have it tuned and whatnot. I know it has a little damage on the top side and needs to be tuned and tender loving care, which I’m more than willing to do. I just don’t want it to be so far out of tune that there’s no hope for it. An I making any sense? I can’t fucking sleep…lol! Good morning. Okay, maybe not.”

“It a great instrument! Heavier than all hell. We have the music bench with the books.”

“Sorry, I was in the shower. Thanks for dropping that off.”

“You’re welcome. I know it is disappointing not getting the piano today, but my son and are getting a few more bodies to help lift it.”

“Thank you. Any idea when it might happen? I have gas money for you. It’s right here. I didn’t expect to be in the shower when you got here. You can come by and get it whenever.”

“No idea yet. And keep your money.”

April 27

No communication

April 26

“Is there a reason that you’re not talking to me?”

“I’ve been busy trying to meet my deadline for the paper. I’m not ignoring you, jus’ working.”

“Okay, cool. Thanks. I’ll wait to hear from you about the piano. Thanks again for everything.”

“We are working to get a couple, okay four other guys, together to lift the piano. It has wooden casters and we don’t want to roll it over cement or asphalt. It does need cleaning and tuning, but all-in-all it is a fine instrument — jus’ very heavy. The late 40s, early 50s.”

“Wow. I may have a big burly young man that can help. I’ll check. Thanks, Tom. I’m not trying to burden you.”

“All is okay.”

April 28

“No news other than the two other people that my son asked to help is suddenly quarantining.”

“Oh, crap. I think I may be able to find two…maybe.”

“Good. Lemme know.”

“I’m sorry this is becoming a pain in the ass. I need to know what day is good for you so I can ask the others? Ok. I have one guy. Anytime after 1 pm is good for him. He works graveyard at Walmart. He will help. Tom?”

“That’s good news about getting help. Sorry about the delay in responding. Internet would not come up. I’ll ask Kyle about what day.”

“Awesome. Thanks, Tom. Please let me know how soon we can do this.”

April 29

“Hey Tom, did your son give you any info yet?”

“Have not heard from him. He’s at work right now.”

“Can you contact him after he’s off, please? She says she’s in no hurry, but you know. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Thank you. sir. Just remember you’re saving my soul…love ya, my friend.”

“Will do.”

April 30

“Did you speak with your son, Tom? Hello. Is there anybody in there. Okay. Please tell me what’s going on. If you don’t want to do it, it’s okay.”

“Jus’ got home. Been working.”

“Okay. So…”

May 1

“So I have a dialog going with a city councilman. Do you think I should ask him for help moving the piano? I’m sure he has some kind of contacts that could help make it easier?”

“That is a good idea. I have to replace a paper box and do an interview today. My son hasn’t been able to get anyone to help either. Gonna be on the road for about an hour. Chat later.”

“Wow, you shot off-line in a fucking hurry. I just asked the councilman. Waiting for response. He is getting a whole crew of guys and a truck to move my piano. So in conclusion, you’re off the hook. It’s obvious you don’t want to do it so I took the burden back and now you are free and clear of me forever. I’m sure that works for you. After all, I was never much to you anyway.”



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