Downed but not Out

Sometimes rough days make the best days.

Up early, I had to take care of a broken newspaper box. While unloading it, the thing, being lighter than I thought, came off the bed of my truck faster than I could move and fell on my left leg, knocking me to the ground.

With no one around to help me get the damn thing off me, I ended up using my right foot and rolling it off me. At that point, the pain was pretty sharp, and I thought I had snapped my ankle.

Turns out that I simply gashed my leg, ripped a sock, and tore my bib overalls. As for the ankle, bruised and swollen but not broken.

I toughed it out by putting the paper box where it was intended to be.

Tomorrow, I plan to sit down and stitch the rip in my pants. The sock is going in the trash as soon as I get ready for bed.

Then I went into Virginia City, taking some copies of a newspaper story to a woman whose father passed away a couple of months ago. She was recuperating from surgery at the time and never got to see the article written about the funeral.

I thought she was going to cry, she said she was so happy.

Next, I attended an intimate concert at a local cafe. The singer, who I got to interview, was great.

I found it hard not to feel a bit of a kinship with her when she sang a song about swimming in the Eel River, which is near where I grew up, and having the “smell of the river in my hair.”

Hours later, I still have that one line hanging around in my head.

Then, of course, I got to see a couple of friends and meet a couple of strangers that I can now call friends. I’m ready now for the next journey in my life of story-telling and photo-taking, which will be about the V&T Railroad.

And to think, it all started with a newspaper box falling on me.

5 thoughts on “Downed but not Out”

  1. I agree with you that the rough days can be good days, and they help you grow too. Wishing you not easier days, but the strength to overcome any day that life sees fit to throw at you!

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