Corporeal Separation

All of my life I have wanted to belong.
To what, I’ve never been sure.
Jus’ belong.
Talk of tribalism has reinfected that wound.
I don’t belong. I have never belonged.
Outside the circle, the community, the troop.
Certainly, I have attempted to belong: school, military, service organizations, professions, even communities that involved hobbyists.
For a while, I will be accepted then slowly I find myself abandoned.
Left to my own devices.
You, too?
No, this is not a complaint, but a quest for the why of the nature.
The answer is we are all alone, but together.


4 thoughts on “Corporeal Separation

  1. Yes, and no. Sometimes I feel like everyone else knows how to belong and I never learned the rules. Especially true as a child. But other times I think how connected we are, still drinking the same water kings and dinosaurs drank, and pissed out. Still part of the secret energy that never really dies, just gets transferred from moment to moment.

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