Some Crap Needs No Toilet Paper

Perhaps I should have known it was gonna be an “Ahh, crap!” kinda day.

My wife brought home two cream-fill donuts for me. Aside from already partaking in my “doctor recommended” two cups of coffee, the one donut turned out to be jelly-fill, the other empty.

“Ahh, crap!” I complained, eating both anyway.

Everything started out alright, then I decided to remove the fluorescent lights from the garage ceiling. All was well as I did not electrocute myself, fall off the ladder or break any of the tubes.

Then I realized that other lights were no longer on. Track and trace, trace and track to find the “short” in the powerline, and I have yet to locate the problem.

My brain growls, “Ahh, crap!”

As I was finishing up a news article, editing and locating a suitable picture to go with it when the power went out to the television, stereo, and the Internet. Did the problem in the garage earlier cause this?

Immediately I think, “Ahh crap!”

Discovered that a fuse had popped off at the junction box. Easy enough to fix, so I return to the computer where my news article…is gone…and I must start from scratch.

Now say it with me: “Ahh, crap!”

One thought on “Some Crap Needs No Toilet Paper”

  1. Man, what a day! I hope it has been better, I thought maybe the wind knocked your power out. It’s super windy down here again. The donuts sound so good.

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