A Little Plan in a Big World

There is nothing like being lost in a fog of one’s own making. If I were on horseback I’d give’em his head and let’em find the way home, but I’m not, so I’ll loiter here for the while.

Yesterday, I began this…

“Why do I feel the death of a person so deeply?”

It was a question raised after yesterday’s post about a friend dying. When you’ve witnessed 241 people dying in a single moment, every life you come in contact with afterward becomes that more precious, and therefore their passing becomes that more intimate.

So, yes, I feel that pain deeply.

Time to finish my thoughts…

All the fighting, the bitterness and anger, hatred, the “this” culture, and “that” culture has me on the ropes. Sadly, I’ve contributed my share to this.

Its time to say what needs said, and I think I have the perfect place to start:

  1. Stop it, stop it now!
  2. Because people don’t last forever, tell them you love them.
  3. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

For the longest time, I’ve been in a fantasy world, believing that I could make myself immortal with my writing. But unless I turn out to be Mark Twain or something, that’ll be a big NOPE.

Hell, even Twain’s dead, getting doxed and canceled, so I’ve stopped daydreaming. Now is the time to act and think my three-step action plan could be the cure.

Life is too short to live as we’re living right now, so let’s change it. It’s not too late.

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