Chasing a Conspiracy Theory

People keep sending me bit-and-pieces of information to put together like a jigsaw puzzle, and while a bunch of it is official-looking documents, it’s the photographs that best explain what seems to be happening in our nation’s capital.


Note the officer between the two groups. My assertion is that the one attending the Biden/Harris party is not an officer, and may not be military at all. Then there is the tale of the two planes which are very different from one another and that in fact, the one on the bottom does not have to Presidential seal on the fuselage, though the seal can be seen in the galley doorway.


These two photos are interior shots of the oval office. In the first, note the off-angle set of the ‘secret doorway,’ and in the other, how the corner of the walls have become separated.


Lastly, a photograph of the WH Press room which has buildings outside its windows that should not be there, and then the difference between the Oval Offices, with the top one showing a parking lot outside the window, while the lower one is filled with trees.

Now I am not one for conspiracy theories, but damn, this a lot of inconsistency, and I cannot make out what is going on in Washington D.C. As an aside, the White House has been dark for days, meaning no outside lights and very few lights inside, especially in the residential area of the building, and the National Guard continues to surround the building, though one cannot tell what it is they are protecting it for or from.

Finally, when I go looking for information on this ā€“ ALL my searches contain the same two sentences: ā€œDidn’t find what you’re looking for? We’re temporarily hiding some results for this search query.ā€

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