Whatever it was, it had stepped on his foot, waking him. Still seated on the couch, he looked around in response to the pain. Nothing. “I should go to bed,” he said to the dog as if it might understand. He looked down, but the dog was gone. "Ah, the dog stepped on me," he … Continue reading Infomercial


Nevada Seeks to Keep Voter Rolls Unchanged

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford wants a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed after the November election that claims voter rolls contain ineligible names and that illegal aliens cast ballots. The state attorney general also said in the motion that the lawsuit wrongly identifies Nevada's secretary of state as the official in charge of … Continue reading Nevada Seeks to Keep Voter Rolls Unchanged

The Mail-Ordered Bride and the Bandit

The eastbound Central Pacific passenger train pulled into Colfax, California, Sunday afternoon, July 27, 1873. Passengers disembarked, walking to the Wells Fargo Depot, where the stage ran twice a day except on Sundays. Driver Bob Scott soon pulled up, and 13 passengers boarded. Wells Fargo Agent William B. Storey loaded more than $7,000 in gold … Continue reading The Mail-Ordered Bride and the Bandit

Correctthink is Here

We have a problem known as ‘cancel culture.’ Recently actress Gina Carano was fired from her job and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s social media platform permanently shutdown. This isn’t the first time. The tech giants have ‘canceled’ President Trump, several of his supporters, and cut power to several ‘right-wing’ platforms like Parler. In Carano’s case, … Continue reading Correctthink is Here

Possible Dominion Voting Systems Contract

So someone is still looking into voting irregularities in Nevada. They claim this is part of the contract between Dominion Voting Systems Inc. and the State of Nevada, Pages 3 and 4, Section 8 and 9: 8. Confidential Information. Customer acknowledges that the Software and related documentation (collectively, the ''Information") (i) constitutes confidential and proprietary … Continue reading Possible Dominion Voting Systems Contract