First Contact

The four pods slipped through Earth’s atmosphere. Three landed without a problem, while the fourth tumbled wildly, killing its single male occupant.

Of the other three, while safe, one had dropped far from the other two. That capsule held a female, who upon exiting her craft, found herself alone.

For nearly a year, she searched to find another survivor without success. Then one morning, she discovered the debris field and the site of the fatal crash.

Hopeless, she ran through the woods, ignoring all possible dangers. Without warning, she found herself attacked from behind.

Quickly, she pulled her survival knife and slashed at her attacker, who howled in pain, jumping off of her. It was one of the group of four she had come with, the other man.

She needed only to look at him to convey her question.

Still holding his bloodied rib cage, the man pointed at a camouflaged pod. She rushed over and banged on the door.

Slowly, the other woman slid the door aside and stepped out, holding a baby. She smiled.

The two looked at each other, then hugged. It was the first real contact the first one had felt since leaving her red planet.

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