Stacking the Fact-checking Deck

All fact-checkers used by organizations like Facebook, Associated Press, and others must be certified before being approved and licensed by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN.)

And while I am not a fact-checker, I’m pretty thorough about the facts I present. Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble with various social media platforms and their fact-checkers.

To that end, I decided to do a little digging into the IFCN.

One IFCN certifier is American University School of Communication professor Margot Susca. She has bragged about being on “Team Hillary,” even posting a photo of herself in 2019 with Hillary Clinton, where she admitted, “I’ve been on Team Hillary since ’08.”

She has also appeared on Russia Today, criticizing Donald Trump.

“It is hard for me to be an objective observer of this presidential administration when for years now they have continuously tried to delegitimize and marginalize news reporters for doing their constitutionally protected job,” Susca said.

The IFCN Code of Principles states, “The applicant is not as an organization affiliated with nor declares or shows support for any party, any politician or political candidate, nor does it advocate for or against any policy positions on any issues save for transparency and accuracy in public debate.”

4 thoughts on “Stacking the Fact-checking Deck”

  1. She is only professional when it suits her! All these people make me so mad 😡 They have no ethics! I am disheartened recently, to see so much willful blindness and corruption in those we would entrust to handle really serious matters concerning the life and security of all.

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