Those Shipping Containers

Five or more years ago, I was being told I was full of shit and called nothing but a conspiracy theorist when I asked, “Are they planning a massive die-off?” after I first noted this sort of stuff being obtained by various state authorities, then stored away. Now suddenly, from the Las Vegas Sun, today:

Expert: Southern Nevada was fortunate in procuring the portable metal containers early in the pandemic because jurisdictions throughout the country are now competing for ways to store bodies awaiting burial or cremation.

From the news article itself:

Funeral homes and the county coroner in Las Vegas are preparing for a post-holiday spike in coronavirus deaths by adding storage space — including refrigerated trailers with special shelving — for corpses. In case of a surge, one container was left in the coroner’s office parking lot in mid-December. It’s not being used but could add space for up to 60 bodies in addition to the 100 inside the morgue.

So fucking sick of being right and yet the one to have to back down because no one tells the goddamned truth in the media anymore.


2 thoughts on “Those Shipping Containers

  1. Just wait until we start getting sick from the dead bodies not being tended to properly, new and old diseases to deal with.

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