Good Question, Wrong Premise

Katie Carroll, Senior Managing Editor, LinkedIn News asks in a post, “Will fathering change post-pandemic?”

She goes on to write:

“The pandemic has upended how we work and how we parent. How much will change in the future – particularly for fathers? As vaccines begin to roll out, some dads ‘may not want to return to their old routines,’ noted USA Today. Although women have still taken on the majority of household tasks, the number of couples who said child care responsibilities were evenly split rose to 56%, up from 45% pre-pandemic. And 68% of dads say they’ve felt closer to their kids, according to a Lean In survey.”

My opinion:  good question, wrong premise.

This ought to be the real point: With men being vaccinated against COVID-19 how will the post-pandemic change becoming a father?

For more than a couple of years now, we’ve been treated by social media platforms to various memes and stories about how persons like Bill and Melinda Gates wish to reduce the world’s population. I’ve paid little attention to this stuff – till now.

After reading the pamphlets of the two leading COVID-19 vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, when they were first rolled out, I learned that there is some concern about male sterility. Of course, what I’m writing at the moment has already been debunked by fact-checkers and relegated to either junk-science or conspiracy theory, and further, that pamphlet that I first read but didn’t take screenshots of, have since been scrubbed from the Internet.

As stated, the wrong premise. The better one would be — will humanity survive if for some reason debunkers and fact-checkers have it all wrong?

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