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  1. varjakBaby

    I’ll say it here for the sake of otherwise having never said it and felt lost of it not having been said (or whatever the correct grammar of that statement would be). I always find that you seem lost, Tom, in a world that moves and accelerates too fast, at changes that are too stark, that the good are not necessarily preserved well. That substitutions are made for the sake of substitution, and that it seems you don’t like that. I find a very deep meaningful connection to you in this regard, for a world without meaning is not so fun. But, I mean, don’t we all have some power to change things for the better? We should do what is in our power to assist, even if it seems selfish, not out of personal gain, but out of goodness, for ourselves, to ourselves, and to others like us who are, too, lost in a world that accelerates too quickly.

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