It is in the Wording not the Rewording

After reading Congressman Louis Gohmert, of Texas, failed lawsuit asking to clarify whether Vice-president Mike Pence is to follow the 12th Amendment or if an 1887 law is the vice-president’s final guide as to the electoral count of Jan. 6, it came into sharp focus that we have been again victimized by the mainstream media. Furthermore, it’s the House of Representatives that could end up deciding the 2020 presidential election and in favor of President Trump.

Say what – not the Senate? Yes, they’ll also have their say, but first, let’s clear up a huge misconception being laid on all of us.

The media keeps saying that each member of the House has a single vote when it comes to deciding on the presidential electorates. This is incorrect: the 12th Amendment reads, “the representation from each state having one vote.”

Realize that ‘representation from each state,’ is not the same as ‘each state representative,’ rather, it means a state delegation is the representation and only one person from each delegation gets to cast a vote. And now the kicker: while the House is controlled by a Democrat majority, it is a Republican majority that holds the number of state delegations in that body.

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