Clark County, Nevada’s 56K Adjudicated Ballots Problem

The Nevada Secretary of State’s website states that Joe Biden’s margin of victory was a little over 39,000 votes. Following the election, the Trump campaign sued to disqualify 84,000 double votes, 19,000 vacant lot votes, 15,000 votes from people not living in Nevada, 4,000 non-U.S. citizen votes, and 1,500 votes, involving dead people.

Carson City District Court Judge James Russell dismissed the case on Dec. 4, 2020, citing insufficient evidence. Then six-days later, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria located 139 adjudicated ballots, which are ballots where the voter’s intent is unclear, from that county’s Commission ‘C’ race between Ross Miller and Stavros Anthony.

One ballot had Anthony’s name crossed out and Miller’s filled in, even though the voter had marked an otherwise straight Republican ticket. In fact, the Clark County Elections Department gave the majority of those adjudicated ballots in question to Miller, 94 to 44.

Clark County’s process to adjudicate ballots consisted of two staffers reviewing ballots and correcting them by either filling in the circle so the Dominion Voting Machine could read it or by filling out a duplicate ballot. County Registrar Gloria disclosed that his office was also in possession of 56,000 adjudicated ballots and that they had disqualified 10,799 ballots during the June primary in 2020.

Because of the last-minute legislatively-passed mail-in ballot plan, ballots were left permanently separated from their envelopes making it impossible to ask a voter who they intended to vote for.  Because of this, the Clark County Elections Department has been unlawfully allowed to determine voter intent in violation of the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Bush v. Gore.

No one knows how many ballots Gloria or his office had disqualified during the November 3rd General election and so far no one has been allowed to examine them, or any of the 56,000 adjudicated ballots.


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