Nevada’s SoS Goes on the Defensive

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske says there is no truth to the allegations that she forwarded private voter information to a Pakistani-based intelligence company.

Talk about parsing words. While not a Pakistani intelligence company, she did send the information to a Pakistani tech company with tied to that country’s intelligence agency.

As she’s claiming this, she is also calling ‘True the Vote (TTV),’ a liar by claiming with TTV placed the cc’d foreign email address on the email sent by the SoS’s office.

“The automated program then sent the information as requested,” Cegavske’s office wrote. “The SOS IT staff has confirmed there have been no hacks or other reasons this could have occurred. This incident has been referred to appropriate law enforcement.”

TTV’s founder Catherine Engelbrecht said that no one at her organization had manually added the foreign email address in their email request to the secretary of state’s office.

“We welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone at NV SOS and encourage them to look at the IP address from whence the request(s) originated,” she said in a message. “It was not from us. And that is why we reported it.”

In early December, True the Vote sent a letter to the Department of Justice regarding the email and the cc’d address, saying it “appears to be evidence of a breach within the Nevada Secretary of State’s email system.”

Cegavske has published a “Facts vs. Myths” PDF pushing back against all the allegations she’s facing regarding Nevada’s 2020 election.

As an added note, Cegavske faced similar allegations during her 2018 race against Democrat Nelson Arajuo, who claimed she had provided private voter information to a Trump administration election integrity commission.


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