Nevada’s SoS has History of Avoiding Investigations

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske continues her refusal to investigate any form of possible voter fraud and she began before the 2020 elections were even held.

Nevada Assemblyman Cameron Miller, a Democrat, claimed to live at the address he listed on the formal election paperwork he swore was truthful. Now its come to light that Miller has been living at his parents’ house.

At the time of this discovery, his opponent and former police officer Tony Palmer, filed a formal complaint in October 2020, pointing to Miller’s perjury. Cegasvke’s office however claimed their authority to challenge the qualifications for a candidate expired along with their authority to investigate.

However, the statute of limitation is three-years for such an offense.

Also in October 2020, Las Vegas Metro Police raided the home of Democrat Assemblyman Alexander Assefa. Along with learning that he didn’t live where he claimed when signing reelection papers, he’s also under investigation for misusing campaign funds.

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