The Thing in the Corner

During a recent tour of Donovan Mill in Gold Hill, Nevada for a newspaper article on the historic mineral processing plant, I heard a disembodied voice say, “Hello!”  While there, I took about one hundred photographs of the place.

In this one frame, jus’ beyond the large cyanide vats on the second floor, I captured this image. It is tucked back in a dark corner and can only truly be seen when enhanced from color to black and white and by playing with the contrast.

What the hell is it?

A case of pareidolia?

Paranormal entity?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Thing in the Corner”

  1. i see, I avoid Youtube these days, I used to have a video account. About a month ago, a picture on the wall of my spare bedroom just fell off the wall with a Bang! On the dresser. Creepy…

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  2. A spirit of a deceased person. Do you watch those ghost shows on the tube? They are creepy and make me wonder if it’s true. It looks like a female with very long hair.

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